What is Zumba?

Zumba is the fastest growing fitness trend worldwide, we’re glad that you’re thinking of joining it. With Zumba you will make friends, get fitter and enjoy the music, all while you burn calories.

Zumba is great for the spirit, in the USA it’s actually available as a prescription for depression, thanks to the uplifting music! It is a known fact that doing 2 hours of aerobic activity twice a week combats depression.

For more details, visit our About Zumba page

What do I need for my first Zumba class?

Just a desire to get fit and active while dancing like no one’s watching!  A small towel and a bottle of water are useful.

We love welcoming new people to our parties, and hope that you will leave your first class having made some new friends.

Why Party with “We Love Zumba”?

I am totally focussed on Zumba – it’s a passion, and I am committed to providing fun and safe classes for all my customers.

I have gone above and beyond the introductory Zumba Instructor training –

I am a qualified Fitness Instructor with the AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) as well as certified in Zumba Basics 1 and 2. I also have the Zumba Toning and Sentao qualification, and incorporate light handheld weights or Zumba toning sticks in my classes. I have current first aid certification and full public liability insurance, so you are safe with me!

I have  taught in the fitness industry for several years and have extensive experience in leading group exercise. Each one hour class of non stop dancing, is fun, intimate and friendly but guaranteed to make you feel like you have had a workout!

Do I need to book in advance or sign up?

We love the free and relaxed atmosphere in our classes, so we have a first-come-first-serve policy. All you need to do is arrive early to claim your spot on the dance floor and chat to other Zumba lovers.

Do I need any special shoes?

We recommend that you use:

  • Cross trainers
  • Tennis shoes
  • Dance trainers
  • Trainers with a low-tread

Please avoid running shoes as they have too much tread and this can make pivoting difficult.

Do I need any special equipment? (weights, mats, steps etc.)

Apart from a towel and water, Zumba doesn’t require any special equipment.
However, I like to incorporate light weights into all of my classes, you can purchase Zumba toning sticks from the website, or use your own light weights (no more than 1.5kg).

How much do classes cost?

Please refer to our Zumba class prices.

If you are just starting our pay as you go rates are a great way to try before you buy.

Zumba And Pregnancy

Because of the strong pelvic moves involved in many Zumba routines, we feel that a gentler form of exercising is recommended during pregnancy. We strongly suggest that you notify your instructor, so she can help you explore your best options.



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