and so can you!

Hi there, we are Stef (in front) and Odie (behind) and yes, we love Zumba!

We are both independent experienced fitness instructors and have worked in the Wycombe and Amersham area for several years.  Our one hour Zumba classes of non-stop dancing are fun, intimate and friendly but guaranteed to make you feel like you have had a workout!

Our aim is to share our love and passion for Zumba with anyone and everyone willing to “Ditch the workout, join the party!”.  We offer the best value for money in town to encourage Zumba lovers to dance with us more often!!

New to Zumba?

If you are only just starting to look into Zumba then we have some Frequently Asked Questions that you might want to browse. We really believe in the motto of Peace, Love and Zumba and newcomers are always welcome, so we really hope to see you at one of our parties soon.

– Stef and Odie

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